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Title: The Last Gift
Author: RuRuchi
Band:The GazettE
Genre: Band fic, drama
Pairing: ReitaxRuki
Ratings: PG-15
Warnings: Bad english, character death
Disclaimer: Belong to themselves.. 0_o
Summary: If that wasn’t Reita, so who it was?
Notes: Finally!! I this is my first fic that I posted… and I’m sorry if the story wasn’t good… enjoy… and Thank You..

It was a cold night. Ruki turned his little body and reaching up his hand on the empty bed side next to him. He was looking for his lovely Reita. But, he wasn’t there. He knew that the taller blonde went out to took something special for him. A surprise, because tomorrow was their 2 years anniversary .
The small man slowly opened his eyes, turning his face to the empty bed side. Where Reita always slept there. Then his eyes looked to the scene of the watch on the night stand. It was at 1am, but Reita haven’t came home until those midnight. He worried and finally decided to called his lover.
Ruki took his cellphone and dialled Reita’s number, but it wasn’t active or maybe it could be out of area.. He put it back again. He sat up on his bed then took of his comfortable blanket. The small man felt his throat was dry. He stood up and made his way to the kitchen. Filling a glass with water. The vocalist heard something curious. But he tried to ignored it. Made his brain to think that what he just heard was a wind.
Suddenly, there was someone hugged him from behind. Ruki almost dropped his glass. He wanted to yelled but couldn’t do it. Like his voices held in his throat. “Sssh, it’s me..” the person let out a deep voice, resting his chin on Ruki’s shoulder. The shorter knew that voices so well. That was Reita.
“Rei..” his voices almost whimpered. “Is that you?”
The bassist smiled widely. “Yes, baby..”
The smaller turned his thin body to face those guy without breaking the embrace. When he sure that was his lover, he sighed in relief. he hugged back to the taller tightly. Buried his face to Reita’s chest.
“Ah, you scared me..” Ruki murmured in the bassist chest.
“I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to.” The blonde hair said.
Ruki pulled his body to facing Reita. His hands reach out and holding the other’s both cheeks. “You don’t have to…” he said with a cute smile on his lips.
Reita smiled. Looking at his small lover deep in to his eyes.
“Why you just come home now?” the shorter made his face on a worried mode with a sweet pouted.
Reita smirked. “So you want me to come later, ne?” but when he opened his mouth said any words again, Ruki cut him.
“No!” the chibi cut the blonde words and hugs Reita tightly. “I’ve been waiting you for hours.” He frowned. “It felt like you would never come back.”
Reita’s handsome face fallen to sad face. “You think so?” it sounded not like a question.
“But now it’s not, cause you’re here now…” the smaller man looked up to face the other’s, let his smile grew wider on his face. He lifted his small frame with his tip toes and gave Reita a short peck on the lips.
The taller couldn’t say anything to response Ruki’s words. “Yeah, right..” he forced his face to let out a smile.
“By the way, where were you going?” the smaller said still in his cute little smile.
“Ah! I… I took something for you...” the bassist broke the embrace and releasing something out from his pocket. A small sweet rings held in the blonde’s fingers.
“Aaaaaw, that’s so cute…..” the vocalist closed his mouth with his hands. His eyes moved to the taller’s dark eyes.
“Happy 2 years anniversary, honey..” he leaned to kiss his lover. “I love you.”
Ruki made his lips smiled widely after they broke the kiss. “Love you too..”
The blonde smiled back to the other. He took Ruki’s hand into his own and slid the ring onto the Ruki’s finger. The small blushed for what his boyfriend did to him. Ruki brought his ring finger in front of his face.
“Thank you..” he said sweetly. “This is so beautiful…”
“You’re welcome… I’m glad you like it..” Reita kissed Ruki’s hand.
“Of course.. but..” Ruki’s face changed in to a sweet pouted. His gaze moved to his own feet.
“Yes, honey?” the bassist raised his eyebrows, confused about what his chibi lover going to say.
Ruki looked up still in his cute pouted. “Don’t leave me alone for a long time again..” he begged.
The taller made a sad face. He couldn’t say anything to respond his cute lover words. They let a warm silence around that small kitchen. Warm silence for Ruki, but not for Reita. But that was over when Reita broke it and speaking. “How about we just go sleep now?”
Ruki didn’t say a word but just nodded. They walked into their bedroom. 
“Rei, may I use this tomorrow?” Ruki said. Directed to his beautiful ring.
Reita looked down to his lover. “Yes, up to you, honey..”
The shorter just smiled and freed his finger from the ring and put it back to its blue velvet box.
They climbed up to the queen size bed and slipped beneath the thick blanket. The small man moved closer to his lover body and snuggled against the warm. Reita circled his strong arms around Ruki’s small frame. He watched his cute little lover went to his deep sleep and more deeper. Ruki instantly fall down to his sleep, his breath set a slow rhythm. Nice peacefully sleep.
The tall blonde stopped watching his little kitten then turned his gaze to the other side of that room. His tears racing along his smooth cheeks. He bite his lower lip to held his pained sobs. He didn’t want Ruki to woke up because of it. He just wanted hold Ruki like this. But he knew that he couldn’t. there was a cruel destiny that he need to accepted. He couldn’t refuse it. For the last time, when he still had a chance, he leaned down an kissing Ruki’s forehead.
“I’m sorry…. Ru-chan…” he whispered between his sobs.
Between his sleep, Ruki heard a hard from their apartment wood door. It sounded like someone behind the door was in a hurried. The small groaned. He finally decided to looked up who the person was. That human wasn’t impatient. He knocked the door even harder. Ruki rolled off from the bed, bur before he done he rested his body on his elbow and turned to looked at the taller’s sleep face.
“I’ll be back..” the small said with low voice and let out a small smile on his lips. Not wanting to disturbed his tired lover from his sleep. He could see Reita’s breath,
Ruki finally fully out from his bed. He put his small hand over his lips to covered his yawn. He made his way towards the knocked door. Even closer to that door Ruki could hear someone called his name through door.
“Ruki-kun!! Open the door!! Please!!” the person yelled through the door.
Ruki just groaned almost loudly to that yelled. “Just wait, would you..?” he shouted.
When the small reached the door he unlocked it and opened it. He found that stood there was the drummer, Kai. His face was white in pale and a worried expression.
“What? You bother me..” he said with an annoyed
The taller shook his head and began to speak. “I’m so sorry for bothering you… but this is urgent..”
The chibi just rolled his eyes. “Just said what’s going on, Kai..” he said between a yawn.
“Reita had an accident..” Kai said.
Ruki shut a moment. Tried to put it to processed with his brain. Then he made a fake laughed.
“You’re kidding, aren’t you?” Ruki gave Kai a confused smile.
“No, Ruki! I’m serious..” Kai tried to assuring Ruki.
But Ruki just laughed. “So funny, Kai-kun..”
“Ruki, Reita had an accident and now he got an urgent situation but you don’t believe it??” Kai sounded almost yelled. “For what I had to forced to be here at this time if it was just a joke??”
Ruki shook his head crossing his hand on his chest. “Nope,” still smiled. “How can I believe you? Reita is sleeping now. So that’s impossible.”
The band leader dropped his jaw in disbelieved. “No way…”
“Nice acting, Kai.” Ruki rolled his eyes. “If you don’t believe me you have to see by yourself.”
The shorter dragged Kai to his bedroom and he let him. When they entered the bedroom door they didn’t see anyone laid there. Only an empty bed with a little light from the night stand and a mess blanket. There was no signed someone in the room.
“No..” Ruki put his hand on his forehead. “He was still here when I opened the door for you.” He let out a low tone. The chibi vocalist could feel his tears on the corner of his eyes. He turned his face to Kai.
“Ruki…” only those word which came out from his lips.
“Tell me that you’re joking!!” he yelled.
“No, Ruki.. I have to told you…” Kai frowned and his voices was weak
“Take me to the damn hospital.” Ruki said.
He forgot about that ring…….
Kai turned on the engine and running his car as fast as he could. Along the way Ruki thinking about last. Why Reita wasn’t there when he came back with Kai? Is it possible if that was not the real Reita? No, he assuring his mind that was Reita who slept there. but the first question above rolling out of his mind. He didn’t believe a ghost or spirit at all. He thought if it was just children’s mind.
His mind couldn’t throw the damn think over. He couldn’t think about anything else. He was too busy to assuring himself that it was just a bad dream. But, it wasn’t. because of it he didn’t realize that they had been arrived in the hospital.
“ Ruki-kun, we are here..” his friend’s words made him surprise.
They both rushed over the lobby and they almost the emergency room. Where Kai said there was Reita there. Then, when they arrived, there were Aoi and Uruha. Uruha sat down on the chair, his face was buried his face in to his hand. And Aoi stood against the wall closed his eyes tightly, looked like trying to force back the tears. Ruki thought that something bad had happened.
“Guys..” The shortest called them.
The both guitarist faced him with sorrow. Ruki could see there were tears on their face.
“Ruki..” the light haired man called him in weak voices.
The chibi came closer to his friends with fast steps. Then, he grabbed the tallest shoulders.
“How is Reita?” Ruki said almost yelled.
Uruha didn’t answer, just looked down to is feet. Tears still racing along his beautiful face.
Ruki took a few steps back and turned to the black hair guitarist. “Aoi, answer me!! How is Reita??” his changed began to panicked.
Kai frown and buried his face to his palm.
“Reita didn’t save..” Aoi finally spoke.
The vocalist dropped hi jaws. Didn’t believe about he had just heard.
“No.. no way..” his voice was weak. “He just…” he began to cry. His tears slowly fall down from the corner of his eyes. “No.. he just slept in our bed..” he said blankly.
“Ru…” Kai stroked the younger’s back.
“No….” Ruki’s sobs become harder. He fall down to the floor, kneeling.
Kai hugged him tightly. “Ruki…”
“I’m late….” Ruki said between his sobs.
No one said a thing. Suddenly, Ruki got up and ran in to the room where Reita was. Kai tried to stop him but failed.
In the room, Ruki looked a body which covered with a cloth. He couldn’t see the body’s face. The vocalist slowly took a step nearing the body. He reached the cloth and pulled it down. And when he saw who the body was. He began to cry again.
He looked that was Reita. There were so many bruises from the bassist face. Ruki couldn’t help the tears. He touched his lover’s face, it was cold. No more breath.
“Rei, wake up…. Don’t leave me…. You promised that you wouldn’t leave me alone… don’t you remember that?” he sobbed. “Wake up, Rei!! This is not funny!! You hear me, don’t you???”
No answer. The small man kneeled down beside his dead lover.
“Rei…. Wake up….” His voice was weak. “Don’t leave me…”
The next day after the funeral…
Ruki didn’t a word along the day. His heart was still hurts. Hurts that his lovely left him to sudden. He couldn’t kiss his soft lips anymore. Couldn’t spend whole romantic night as they always did. But now everything were change. No more Reita on his side.
Kai took him home that day. The drummer felt so worried about him. The dark hair man watched him through his black glasses.
“Ruki-kun..” he called the younger.
“Yes?” Ruki shouted without turning his gaze.
Kai took a deep breath. He was so sad for looking his friends like this.
“You want me to company you?” he asked worriedly.
The shorter turned a face to Kai, let out a weak smile. “No, thanks, Kai..” he looked down again. “I want to spend my times alone..”
The elder released a sad sigh. Facing at his friends once again. “Okay..”
Ruki let out a weak smile again. “Bye..”
Ruki opened the door and step out from the elder’s car silently. No words came out from his lips. He just stared around him blankly. Even when he reached his room. He walked in to his large bedroom weakly. But his gaze caught something that no one couldn’t believe.
There was a ring velvet box on the night stand. That was the ring that ‘Reita’ gave him last night. If that wasn’t Reita who came there last night, so who it was? But, Reita had…. That opinion running out in his brain. He shook his head to threw that off. He didn’t care anymore about ‘who’ it is.
He took that velvet box to his own hand. Opened it and reached out the ring inside. Slid it onto his finger, as Reita did. He climbed up his large empty bed with staring at the beautiful ring he wore. Slowly, he felt that his eyes become blurry. The tears tracing along his soft cheek once more. He buried his the ring in his hands.
“I’ll save it…I love you… Reita..”

N/A: hiks... I was crying when I wrote this............ TT__TT 
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