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One Single Sin

-A Jrock Fanfiction Community/Archive-

One Single Sin -A Jrock Fanfiction Community/Arch
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Welcome to One Single Sin.

This is going to hopefully be a very good collection of Jrock fanfictions .. one day. Right now, we're looking for submissions and members! We take just about any pairings.. see the "What we DO NOT ALLOW" section for further information on why it's merely 'just about any'. ::nods:: And we will accept them from any Jrock band, and probably from any other Asian musician or group... why? Because we're bloody desperate to read things. Because we're nice. However, we will not take anime fanfics.. as this is fiction about.. you guessed it ::hears the loud gasp:: REAL PEOPLE. ::Watches the world shake and then crumble in fear:: >>; Yeah, anyway..

- What We DO NOT Allow -

Please.. --DO NOT-- post a fiction that includes any of the following - incest, beastiality or ridiculous/extreme pedophilia pairings! --Anything else is fine.-- Very little makes our collective skin crawl... except for those three things. So yeah, none of that.
Also please note - Anyone alive may be paired with anyone else. Do crossovers if you want to!! But please no pairing the dead in RL with the dead in RL or the dead in RL with the still living in RL. That's disrespectful, and will not be tolerated here. If the dead in RL do appear in your fiction, please have them in NO disrespectful situations... People at rest should be allowed their peace.
If you want to have a person who is alive in real life be dead in your fiction, that's okay.... >>;

Note - If your story deals with changelings/were creatures (yes, this means we do accept A/U's we crave them, actually) , that will not count as beastiality unless the character is having sex with someone in .. erm.. creature form. We're literal with everything ^...^

Finally - Please post your own work. If you're caught out as a theif, we'll.... sic wild rabid radioactive mice on you ... No seriously, we'll ban your ass and post your name/email for everyone to see you as the plagarist you are ^...^ Have a nice day, plagarist!!!

If anything else needs to be added here, in this the "What we do not accept" section, it will be added when the need arises.


Now, A WARNING to all READERS...

This community will sometimes deal with mature and rather shocking/startling themes, if you don't think you can handle extreme situations, DO NOT read fictions here. We're sure you can find the safe ones else where... We will be accepting things like nonconsensual sex and other types of violent sexual situations. As long as it has Relevance to the plotline. That's right kids, plot lines o.o We want plots .... PLOTS. Granted , pwps will be accepted if there's other stories by the author posting that include plots ::nods:: We pet our beloved babies here, and let them get away with murder in their stories ^...^


Please include the following information with your story if you're posting a fic here!!

Story Title-
Author email or journal -
Any other notes/warnings/thank yous needed -

Thank you ^...^ We look forward to you joining, posting and reading!