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The Demise - Chapter 1

Title: The Demise
Chapter: 1/?
Author: rukipanties
Genre: Horror, Thriller.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Explicit language, Sex, Death throughout, Gore.
Characters: Aoi, Uruha, Ruki, Reita, Kai, Saga, Byou, Tora.
Chapter Pairing: Aoi x Uruha
Synopsis: They're all there for a reason... But what reason? And how are they connected to this deranged perpetrator..

'I've fucking told you enough times, why the hell won't you ever listen to me Yuu? I'm fucking sick of this bullshit!' the brunette screams at him as he throws the keys at his lover in temper.

'Look, Uruha I'm sorry alright, I didn't mean to forget about dinner, I don't mean to make you feel like this okay, I'm sorry..' Aoi steps closer only to be pushed backwards by him.

'Just stay the fuck away from me, I mean it Aoi, I'm done!' Uruha grabs the keys up from the floor, storming out of their apartment.

Uruha wait!...' Aoi ran out of the door after him but was only told to fuck off by his slowly disappearing lover ahead of him. As he watched him get into their car, he turned away sighing deeply, pushing his hair back with his fingers.. 'What the fuck is wrong with you Aoi' the older man whispered to himself before slamming the door shut.


Aoi shifted from left to right, reaching desperately for the blanket to pull over his bare body. He struggled to find it with his hand, and eventually gave up, sighing as he opened his groggy eyes. Blinking a few times, he realized he wasn't in his bed, his bedroom, his home.. In fact, he had no idea where he was..

Jolting his body up, his eyes darted around the dark, grotty room.

'What the fuck.. Where the hell am I?!' He tried to get to his feet, yet in that moment, he realized there was no chance of that. As the metal clanged against the hard tiled floor the shock shot through his body, for in front of his restrained legs, was his boyfriend. Unconscious, he hoped.

Aoi quickly pulled against the chains tying his now bruised ankles to the cold floor.

'What the hell... What the fuck is this?! Oi! Who the fuck are you, what do you want from us?!' he screeched, his voice echoing throughout the room.

Uruha's eyes opened, partially.. As the panic struck through him he locked eyes with Aoi.

'Ao.. Aoi where are we? Whats happened? What..what's going on, Aoi?!' Uruha pulled against the metal also restraining him, except Uruha's hands were clamped down by his wrists, not only with metal, but with wire, already cutting deep into his flesh.

Aoi watched as his lover winced in pain from the skin being sliced every time he moved.

'Aoi! YUU! God, help me!' Tears stream down his pale cheeks.

The tile floor under Uruha was covered in his blood, as the metal cut deeper into his wrists, Uruha's face growing whiter as the blood spilled from his body, he tries hard not to move, but finds it difficult to stay still as his body grows weaker, convulsing in sheer pain.

'Ke..keep still baby, I'm right here I'm going to get you out. God...' Aoi desperately tries to free himself, yanking at the chains. 'God what the fuck is this?!!' as his eyes fill with tears, the room is overcome with the sound of static interference.

Aoi looks at Uruha, as Uruha does the same back at Aoi. Both in total confusion, fear..

'As you both know, your not anywhere familiar' a harsh, distorted voice blared through the echoing room. 'I'm sure you are both wondering furiously to why I have brought you both to my.. Little get together' the voice lets out a disturbed laugh before going silent for a few seconds.

Aoi looks around, hearing some sort of motor start. He looks in horror back at Uruha.

'God no..' he chokes out.

Uruha notices Aoi's expression and starts twisting his body in fear to try to look to where the sound is coming from.

'Aoi!!! Aoi what's happening, what is that?!' His body shaking uncontrollably, a clear liquid now running down the chair, dripping on to the tiles.

Aoi watches in disgust and feels the sympathy rush through him as the younger wets himself in fear. Just as Aoi pulls against the metal, the voice comes through again.

'As you have probably noticed, there's a motor attached to the back of the room. It controls your restraints. In order to free yourselves, one of you must sacrifice... body parts, shall we say?' another sickening laugh from the voice.. 'If you look closely you can see there are restraints across both of you, whereas if you, Aoi, take a good look at your lover, you will see his are little more... complex.'

Uruha shakes in pain, pulling at his body and wrists, screaming in pain.

Aoi looks at his lover, seeing the wires rip through his skin more and more. Then in his disgust seeing the metal restraints around his torso, and his neck.

'One wrong move, and his body will be snapped, in numerous, unthinkable ways. Your only option, Yuu, is to free yourself, to free the man you love, that's if, you love him enough? The key to your restraints are somewhere in your body. I'll give you a clue, shall I? You've been using it a lot lately, and not where you should be'

A dim light is shot on in the right part of the room, revealing a deadly still body, laid on the floor, held by more chains. Clearly visible it was the others band mate. Kai.

'The choice is yours' dead silence fills the room as the tape is cut off, but just seconds after it does, the timer starts ticking away, piercing through the room, loud, fast, and worst of all, prominent.

'Fuck fuck fuck..' Aoi whispers as he pulls back the band on his underwear, revealing the scaring from where the person holding them there had implanted the key. The area looked sore and was oozing with blood and puss. Aoi grimaced at the site and looked to his left to see the shard of glass, waiting to be used to slice into his flesh. He took one last glance over at the crippling site of his boyfriend. He was petrified. He then looked over to the drummers corpse-like body, laid there. He looked up at the timer, showing exactly 3 minutes. He rushed and plunged the glass deep into his body.

'Nghh! Go-God!' Aoi's body burnt with pain, his legs already shaking as he cut downwards, into himself.

Uruha cried more, the restraints tightening with each tick of the timer, his head dizzy, sick dribbling down his chin, his mouth foaming and his thighs getting warmer as he wet himself yet again. He'd lost count of how many times, he hardly knew anything right now, his body was wracked with so much pain and terror.

Aoi cut deeper, groaning as he did, he felt around himself but realized he was nowhere near deep enough, he screamed in agony and frustration as he pushed the glass deeper, more jagged this time.

'Where the fuck is it?!! Argh!'

Uruha cried more and more looking at Aoi, his eyes fixated on the elder man. The man he had loved for so long.

'Why... Why...' was all the guitarist could choke out at this point, tears overflowing his cheeks, vomit and saliva down his lips and chin. He didn't understand why he was the one being punished for something two others had done. The love of his life, and his band mate.. How could they, was all he could think about in his last few seconds.

'Uruha..' cried Aoi. 'Uruha don't worry baby I'll get you out of here, okay?!' Aoi panicked as he saw Uruha's body being clamped and crushed harder as the timer read 00:47. His eyes not focused anymore, his pallid cheeks stained with tears. His hands dangling from the restraints, broken, twisted, bloody. There was nothing Aoi could do, he had not only failed his lover continuously, he'd now killed him.

The timer read 00:10 and loud beeping accompanied the timer as each second past, the restraints tightening beyond belief, snapping the younger's wrists, the sound of the bones crunching into dust. Uruha's face, the blood now flowing from his mouth as the clamp around his waist and chest began to tighten, breaking every bone it could. Uruha watched as Uruha's legs turned to crimson red from the blood seeping from every orifice his body had. His eyes turning to nothing, yet still locked on his.

Aoi watched in disbelief and horror as the beeping turned to a deafening screech, the neck clamp piercing through Uruha's spine, snapping it in two, forcing the brunettes body to fall forward, blood dripping on to the tiles in front of them. Aoi looked down at his bloodied hands as he dropped the glass. The restraints around his ankles releasing themselves, the door jolting opening, slamming against the steel wall. Aoi looked over at Kai, still laid flat, taking one look back at his disfigured, dead boyfriend, he stood up, running to the door. As he stepped outside the room, he doubles himself over, throwing up violently, holding his bloody groin.

Thinking there's still a chance he could get his friend out, he turns around to go back inside but the door slams closed and the voice blaring through the whole place once more.

'Game Over'

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