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Title: Mine
Author: mimichan_rebel 
Pairing: Ruki(the GazettE)/Sae(Sanity Six) - Note not a real person or band, but you'll be seeing alot of them
Word Count: 1,445
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance
Rating: smut in other chapter/slight fluff (attempt at slight fluff)
Warning: language
Band: the GazettE, Sanity Six(fictional)
Summary: Ruki has to say good bye to his lover of three years, but he's not going to make it easy on him.

"So your just going to leave me? just like that" the tone of Ruki's voice was filled with bitterness and it made the younger man standing before him heartache in pain.

"'s not like I want to leave you, trust me I don'''s just I have to. They need me Ruru, I'm thier main bassist I just can't go" Sae said. Trying as hard as he could to reason with the elder. He hated seeing Ruki this way but there was nothing that he could do about it. His band was starting thier year long tour tomorrow and he needed to let Ruki now.

Ruki looked up at the ceiling his then beautiful brown hair falling in his face. He took a deep breath. "So this is it huh, after today you'll no longer be mine, you'll no longer be my sae-chi". Sae felt horrible the thought of Ruki beliving that he no longer belonged to him broke his heart. He dropped to his knees in front of the elder and rested his head on the elder's lap, making sure to wrap his arms around his wasit as well.

"oh Ruru i'll always be yours, no matter what. I'll still be your Sae-chi and you'll always be my Ruru" he said as he buried his head into the elders stomach doing the best he could to keep his tears out of view. Ruki looked down at his soon to be ex-lover. He brought the younger into a siting position on his lap looking the man straight in the eyes. "Promise" his words no higher than a whisper, but Sae still heard them. He looked into ruki's eyes. "Promise" and with that he pressed a gentle kiss to Ruki's lips wrapping his arms around the elders neck. Nevering wanting to ler go.

                                                        Six Years Later

Ruki was exhausted he had just came from filming the GazettE new video for PLEDGE and to say the least he was tired. All he wanted was a nice hot shower and to go to sleep. He started for the back when a knock at his door stopped him. "Shit" he cursed lightly under his breath before heaving a "I'm coming".

He made his way up to the door and without even looking out the peep whole to see who it was he opened it. As soon as he did his heart stopped and his mouth dropped. He felt his knees wanting to give in but he wouldn't let them not now. The hair color was different and the clothes where quiet revealing showing off a very good bit of the man who was standing in front of him flesh, but the face, with those eyes and that ever so sweet smile where ALL to filimilar. "Sae" the name rolled off his tongue like silk. It was a name that he hadn't said ever since that day. That horrible morning where he had to say good-bye to the only person who would ever hold his heart.

The younger man smilied his beauty only intensified since the past six years that Ruki had seen him. His hazel brown eyes just as alive as they where back then. "Is it alright if I come in?" the younger of the two asked looking quiet cold do to his current attire. Ruki could only nod his head since words where currently a difficulty for him at the moment. After the younger was in he quickly closed the door. Sae turned to look at him and Ruki motioned for him to sit on the couch.

He went into the kitchen and came out a moment later with two cups of hot chocolate. He handed one of the cups to the younger than sat down. They sat in an akward silence for about five minutes before Ruki broke the silence. "Why are you here Sae" the one who he was addressing simply smiled. "I came back for you Ruki duh don't you remember that promise? I said I'd always be yours no matter what". Ruki gave a dis tasteful scoff at that and brought the hot liquid up to his lips to take a sip.

Sae caught this and if it wasn't for the semi emotional strength that he had then he probably would have felt offended but since the last few years had brought him up he decided that he would just question it instead. "Why the harch tone?' he asked as he to took a sip of his drink. "Oh please Sae you didn't come back for me you only came by for a nice fuck then your going to live again just like last time". Sae felt his heart break. Is that what Ruki thought of him? a whore? Even though the older clearly didn't say that it was clear to Sae that that is what he probably wanted to say.

He placed his cup down and stood up abruntly. Eyes close to tears but he refused to cry. His face showed anger and hurt. Ruki looked up at him with emotionless eyes. His heart begged for him to apologize and just take the younger into his arms, telling him that he wasn't going to let him get away from him again, but his mind was telling him to be cold, to not care about the youngers feeling knowing full well that the younger man wasn't the best emotionally stable person in the world.

"How dare you, how fucking dare you accuse me of wanting nothing more than your god damn dick, I came back for you damnit, but as I can see you don't give a damn. I wanted us to try to be together again but you don't care about me at all anymore even after six years of breaking up with you I would allow no one eles to have my heart, and trust a lot wanted it but I kept it sealed for you and this is what you repay me with. Well fine be that way Ruki, but I only have a few choose words for you and that Fuck.You.Takanori. Fucking.Fuck.You" and with that Sae stood up. Picking up his jacket and heading for the door.

Ruki was at a loss for words, never in his life had someone spoken that way to him. He felt bad for what he had just done. He knew that Sae was emotionally unstable and yet he had said the hurtful words that would throw the boy over the edge and into turmoil. He quickly got to his feet and with after his lover hoping that there was still time to pick up the pieces of the younger mans broken heart.

Sae's hand was on the door knob and he was just about ready to walk out when a pair of hands turned him around and pulled his face into a passionate kiss. Ruki's lips crashed onto Sae's. The feel of the youngers lips where soft and sweet from where he probably had been eating sweet candy. The touch brought back so many memories of their past lives. When his band was trying to make it and when Sae's band was finally earning real respect.

The kiss became desperate after awhile. Neither of the two wishing to break it in fear of them losing the other, but the need for air had become to great and so they departed but left there lips only a few cm apart.

Ruki felt the wet tears from Sae's eyes on his hands as he wipped away his lover's tears. "I'm sorry Sae...I'm so so sorry" The younger nodded a desperate whimper escaping his lips as he closed his eyes and buried his face into the nape of Ruki's neck.

"Ruru.....please" his words where desperate, but Ruki knew clearly what the younger needed along with his self. He grabbed the others hand and lead him to his room. Once the there he leaned in and kissed the younger man tenderly on the lips as his hands caressed the man's sides. He was going to make this a night that neither of them would ever forget.

A/N: Okay so this was the first part of my two shot. I really hoped you like reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this. The second part might get posted later tonight or tommorow so keep your fingers crossed. I'm welcomed to any comments of all kinds. Thank you ♥
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