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A Smile for a kiss

A Smile for a kiss (Oneshot)
Pairing: Jui x Tero (vidoll)
author:  Matilda k.  (aizhi)

inspiration: Vidoll – Kimi wo nosete

summary: Jui is unusually happy.

Disclaimer: I don't own vidoll.. i  wish i would own them.. 
Then i would  feed them pancakes ^^~~(dunno why..o.o)

"Ask me anything!” 

Jui said happily watching Tero look at him like he was crazy.
“Just for fun, ask me something”
“mm.. okay..”
“Do you.. like cookies”
“okay that was weird! of course I like cookies.. I like heart shaped cookies!”
Jui smiled happily.
“Ask me something else!”
Tero tried to figure out his band mate, without getting the reason for this weird behavior.
“Can we continue working?”
“No, I feel more like eating cookies with you!”
“okay.. but we have to...”
“Ask me something else.”
Jui looked again with a innocent smile at Tero, and Tero was feeling more confused then before.
“What’s wrong with you!?”
“I love you.”
Jui got finally the words out and Tero smiled at him.
“Was it only that you wanted to say, of course I love you to.”
Tero embraced Jui with a kiss and Jui started to smile even more.

The end


jupp really short... but it's just some old shit from my comp that i have written ><
comment on my page too~~
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