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Without you - Chapter 2

Title :: Without you - Chapter One
Author :: The Mistress mistress_sama
Pairing :: KaoruxKyo
Rating :: R due to graphic content, maybe NC17 later on but it hasn’t been decided yet.
Summary :: Kaoru was killed in a car accident and Kyo is left to try and piece his life back together.
Comments :: I don’t own them blah blah blah no matter how much I wish I did… But yeah. This just popped into my head one day while listening to ‘Taking over me’ by Evanescence. Umm…yeah I hope you guys like it…and I hope it works out how I envision it in my mind. Beta-d by krashkan.

Previous Chapters :: Prologue, Chapter 1

Chapter 2

The sound of his phone vibrating against the bathroom counter was what brought his mind back to reality. Still standing at the sink, he shook his head slightly and glanced in the mirror to make sure there was no one there. To him, his face looked paler, he had bags under his eyes, and he hadn't been doing much with his hair lately—the black had already grown all the way out and he just left it that way. His phone call was an unknown number, but he didn't look and just flipped it open, figuring it was Toshiya since they were supposed to get together that day.

"Moshi moshi." For moment there was complete silence, a bit of static accompanying the voice that came through the receiver. A voice he knew.

"I love you…"

Just as the razor fell to the sink not too long before, his phone took the same route, a plop sounding as it fell in the water, though it hadn't registered to him. Eyes were closed, little drops of clear, salty liquid running down his cheeks as his stance wavered in front of the sink. Hands jerked out to grab the edge of cold porcelain, eyes clearing and focusing long enough to finally realize that he had dropped his phone. He looked down, seeing it through the small globs of shaving cream floating at the top of the water.

"Fuck!" Reaching for the drain quickly as if there was a chance to save his phone, he sighed as the water was let out of the sink. Picking up the phone with spidery fingers and wiping off the foam of his used shaving cream, he pressed buttons, but to no avail. It was ruined. A groan fell from his lips, and, not even bothering to wipe off the rest of the shaving cream from his face, he ran to his bedroom to grab the only other phone he had. Toshiya's number was dialed from memory, the other's voice answering he didn't even give his friend a chance to answer before he was telling him that he needed to come over. He didn't give Toshiya an ultimatum or a chance to say anything either. The ex-vocalist fell to his knees in his bedroom and pressed his face against the bed, crying into the comforter.

Nothing could explain the tumult of emotions running through him, through his mind and through his blood. His body felt weak, fatigued. While had been seeing his deceased lover's visage in the mirror for the past few weeks, the call to his cell phone was new, and the whispered words were still very clear in his mind, echoing. He didn't react when Toshiya finally did show up, his friend taking the care to finish shaving Kyo's face rather calmly despite the worry that boiled deep inside his gut. Feeling himself being carried to his bedroom, to his bed and laid down in it, the small man finally shifted and his eyes seemed to focus.

"Kyo… what happened…?" The worried voice helped to bring him back to reality—jerking a little, he licked his lips and looked around his room as if he were somewhere else. A headache boomed in the back of his mind, the dull yet rather painful thumping making him groan and he pulled out a bottle of painkillers from his nightstand to swallow dry.

"I saw him… in the mirror…" he started, eyes shifting to finally land on his friend and ex-bassist. "I've been seeing him for a few weeks… then…" stopping again, he swallowed only to find that his mouth had gone dry as cotton. "Water." Luckily Toshiya had a bottle on the floor next to him, forfeiting it for the sake of his friend and watched him take a few large gulps before it was handed back. "I received a call… on my cell phone… and I thought it was you. But it was him. I heard his voice, Toshiya. He's here. Somewhere. I heard him." Near the end of his recollection of the events his voice started getting louder, more emotional, as if Toshiya didn't believe that Kaoru had indeed called Kyo on his cell phone to tell him whatever the smaller man had heard.

The bassist began cooing gently, hand reaching to soothe through black locks and quiet the other down. "I know. I believe you, Kyo. What did he say?" His voice was soft, caring like it always had been. Toshiya was always the best to talk to about emotional situations, his never ending patience and understanding a key role in the fact that he was the bands confidant throughout all of their years. Toshiya held many secrets within his mind, though he knew he wouldn't be able to carry something like this on his own.

"There… was a lot of static… and he said simply, 'I love you.' Then I dropped the phone. It fell in the water." A deep sigh followed his words. Toshiya noticed that Kyo suddenly looked about ten years older than he was. His fingers continually moved through the long black locks, head lifting and eyes looking about the room though for nothing in particular. But his eyes landed on the calendar set up in the room. There was nothing wrong with it, besides the fact that one of the days was colored in with black ink. He knew what day it was and it was coming up soon.

He was coming home a day early. Excited to say the least, the guitarist stopped by the studio on his way home from his parents house to his own apartment; the apartment that had a certain little vocalist waiting for him—unknowing that his lover was coming home early to surprise him. There was a grin on his face, listening to the song they, as a band, had just finished recording before he went on his little break. He had no doubt that the rest of the band had enjoyed their mini-week vacation, but it was back to business soon enough. What he didn't know was that with all his good intentions of coming home a day early he was signing his own death certificate. Another thing he didn't know was that there was a patch of oil about a half mile from where he was now, the rain that had been falling for a few moments only making it more slippery and his tire would hit the patch just right to make his car spin out of control and slam nose first into the brick building he was going to pass.

There weren't many people on the road, only no witness to the accident that had yet to happen. But it was happening, he was losing control, hands that had been easily drumming on the steering wheel now gripping, knuckles white as there was nothing he could do but wish that he would be shown mercy. He knew though, he knew he wasn't going to live through this. He had heard stories of people who were in cars with other's who died, and that the moment before impact they had locked eyes and the survivor claimed that the one who had not made it always seemed to know. Everything seemed to be in slow motion, his car spinning a full three hundred and sixty degrees before his eyes fell on the brick building in front of him. It would be his point of impact. Only one thing was on his mind, one word whispered with his last breath.
Kyo. His death was instant, even the seatbelt couldn't save him as his car collided with the building. The engine was pushed into the drivers seat, crushing the guitarist who had been operating the vehicle.

Within minutes the area was filled with flashing lights, volunteers doing everything they could to see if the male operating the vehicle could be saved or if he was already gone. There was no more life—there was no more to the ambitious and always driven guitarist who upon birth had been named: Niikura Kaoru.

The accident itself took only a few seconds to happen, but the sight and memory would be embedded in minds for the rest of time.
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