The Mistress (mistress_sama) wrote in 1single_sin,
The Mistress

Without you - Prologue

Title :: Without you
Author :: The Mistress mistress_sama
Pairing :: KaoruxKyo
Rating :: R due to graphic content, maybe NC17 later on but it hasn’t been decided yet.
Summary :: Kaoru was killed in a car accident and Kyo is left to try and piece his life back together.
Comments :: I don’t own them blah blah blah no matter how much I wish I did… But yeah. This just popped into my head one day while listening to ‘Taking over me’ by Evanescence. Umm…yeah I hope you guys like it…and I hope it works out how I envision it in my mind.


The phone dropped to the floor, a woman’s voice still being able to be heard, wondering where had the man she was just speaking to gone.

"Hello? Hello? Sir?"

But he wasn’t there, well he was, but in a sense he wasn’t. It was a phone call he never thought he would receive, but didn’t things always happen to those who didn’t think it could? He was on the floor, curled up in a tight ball as he didn’t know what else to do. There was no one else around, but he could hear his cell phone ringing in the bedroom. It wouldn’t be long until everyone else knew, until his phone would never stop ringing and his band mates would never stop coming to make sure he was okay. He was the most fragile of them all wasn’t he?

Not moments before his phone had rang.

"Hello, Nishimura-san?"
"Yes, this is him."
"Hello, I regret to bring you this news, but your friend Niikura Kaoru has been killed in an automobile accident tonight."
"No, I think you have the wrong number and the wrong person."
"I’m sorry for your loss sir."

Kyo woke up in his bed with a start, the blankets were tangled at his feet; the shadows fallin across him did nothing to hide the fact that he was almost dripping with sweat. The memory of that day still haunted him, would always haunt him. His chest rose and fell in heaves of breath, blonde hair sticking to his skin, like his sheets they were soaked with his sweat. He couldn’t feel the tears that were running down his cheeks, it was two weeks before the anniversary of Kaoru’s death, and his memories were coming to him more often.

Forcing himself out of bed, bare feet sinking into plush carpet, he walked down the dark hallway, to his kitchen. Half closed eyes finally blinked open, looking at the microwave he groaned softly as he found it was four in the morning, and he was making a pot of coffee. There was no use to try and go back to bed, so he would start his day, his day filled with nothing except maybe going to see Toshiya, or to a record store to lose himself in the music of the new bands out today.

Frail body plopped down into the chair at his kitchen table, head resting on the cool surface as the coffee pot gurgled in the background.
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