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Title: The Calander Hung Itself
Author: 304_pinkkiller & ramsara
Chapters: 1/?
Genre: N/A
Rating / warnings: NC-17 / twincest, anal, oral, rape, drugs, obsession, abuse, ect.
Band(s): -----Dir en grey I guess.. and whatever Kisaki is considered. Possibly others later
Pairing(s): WaruxKyo - KisakixKyo
Summary: Kyo meets his twin brother who his parents disowned as a child and who seems to have no limits. And what's this about Kyo's psycho boyfriend? DUNDUNDUN! haha, gay summary.
Disclaimer: I own this computer, yes?
Comments: Hope you all like this, woot!

Kyo wandered through the large music store, NOIZ, looking through CDs, as he'd been doing all morning. After he'd finally picked up a whole armful of CDs, he scuttled over to the cash register to buy them, and looked down at the rack of magazines while the person rang him up. His eyes grew huge, seeing naked Kiyouharu on the front cover of FOOL'S MATE this month. He had to fucking get it. Picking it up, he tossed it to the girl behind the counter to buy it as well. Soon, taking all his stuff, he rushed out of the store to find some food, he was fuckin hungry. But as soon as he got past the glass doors, he ran into someone, knocking them both to the ground. He looked up to see a dark haired replica of himself.

The apology he was about to say got stuck in his throat. Apparently the other noticed the similarity of the two as well, since his mouth was stuck in the same way.

The darkhaired man, named Waru, eyed the blonde in front of him. He would've thought he'd just walked into a mirror if the person facing him wasn't a fucking blonde.

Another moment passed before he shook his head and came back to reality. He stood up, reaching his hand out to the other to help him up. The blonde smiled awkwardly. "You okay?" Waru asked to break the silence.

"Y-Yeah.. I guess so.." Kyo mumbled as he was pulled to his feet by the look-alike. They just stood there, staring at eachoter, awkwardly looking eachother up and down. Then Kyo gasped, eyes widening, when finally realization struck him like lightning. "Fuck.." he breathed as the the fingers of his hand cupped over his mouth. He stumbled backward a bit, but his eyes couldn't tear away from the man who was most likely, and he was diffinately sure on it, his fucking brother; His parents had rarely mentioned anything about him, but he just knew it was him, that they were twins at birth. He wondered if the other knew anything about him, but he just couldn't get past the shock, staring at the other.

Waru glared back at the other man, a bit annoyed from him acting so weird. "Fuck what?" He smirked towards the other man. "It's not often I walk in to such a handsome man like you." He reached his hand out, "I'm Waru. We better not have the same name..."

The blonde took his hand with hesitation, "Kyo..." Waru kept a hold of Kyo's hand for a second, before letting go.

"This is a bit strange." He gave of a blushed crooked smile before hiding his mouth behind his black scarf again. "People walking by probably think that we're brothers." He watched Kyo's face turning if possible even more pale. In fear of Kyo just falling over right there on the spot Waru asked "Maybe we should sit down?"

Kyo hurriedly nodded and looked around, spotting a bench not far away. He gestured to it and they walked over, sitting down. "So... Umm.." Kyo didn't know what to say, it didn't seem like Waru knew anythign or that it even crossed his mind as a possibility. Waru sat close to him, slightly too close for his own comfort, but he didn't say anythign as he was feeling anxious enough.

Waru looked at him with a raised Brow, "Whats wrong with you?" he asked.

"Oh um, nothing I guess.. Heh.." Kyo cursed himself mentally for this, why did it have to happen and why did he have to be so nervous? He never even thought he'd meet this man. Sighing, he looked around before looking back at the darkhaired one, still amazed at how identical though they'd been apart for so many years.

"Well you seem like you're about to throw up." Waru stated as he moved his hand to touch the forehead of the other. Kyo quickly pulled back, trying to avoid Waru's hand touching him. Waru laughed. "I'm not going to kill you dammit, I'm just seeing if you have a fever."

Kyo looked at him with big eyes. "Oh..."

Waru removed his hand, "You seem fine."

Kyo looked away. "Yeah, I'm fine. It's not what I'm upset about."

Waru looked questionally at him. "Then what is it?"

Kyo didn't exaclt know how to answer that. 'Oh, btw dude, we're brothers seperated because our parents were douches and didn't want more than one child. So, sup?' Kyo scooted away a bit so he could turn to face him. "Umm... I think we're.. related," Kyo said awkwardly. How else was he supposed to repond?

Waru stared back at him. He'd always been the only child, his parents barely around for him. He had always been alone. "Um..." Waru scratched the back of his head. "Do you wish we were or do you actually have any fact to go with that statement?"

Kyo cleared his throat "I have some facts... A bit blurry but..." Again he silenced, probably wondering how to continue.

Waru shook his head slowly as Kyo went silent again. "For gods sake, take your time." His tone was full of sarcasm. He leaned back, picking up a pack of smokes from his pocket, putting one in his mouth and lightning it. "Want one?" He asked, Kyo blankly staring at him. Waru looked at him. "Well then." He put the pack back in his pocket waiting for Kyo to talk.

Kyo leaned against the back of the bench and sighed, "Yeah sure, I think I need one right now anyway," Waru rolled his eyes, having to get one out again and handed it to him. "So, what the hell is this 'relations' thing?" he asked, getting a bit impatient with what the blonde had said.

Kyo scratched at the back of his head thinking, then lit his cigarette taking a long drag from it. He leaned against his knees and looked up at Waru, "Umm.. Well I used to have a twin" he started, not sure how he was gonna get this through to the other. "And uhh, my parents didn't keep him.. or you" he corrected himself at the end.

Waru had been taking a drag of his smoke when Kyo spoke the words, almost making him choke on it. He coughed as he turned to look at Kyo. "You sure about that? The twin thing, I mean?"

Kyo nodded. "My parents didn't talk about it much though. They mentioned it once, I'm not sure if I was supposed to hear it at all." Kyo looked back up at Waru.

"So... If this is true and you are my brother..." Waru silenced "Why didn't you try to find me?" Waru felt the anger building up inside of him. If this infact was true, maybe all those years of fighting and lonliness at home could've been avoided. He looked away, shooting mad glares at anyone walking too close to them.

"..How could I? I couldn't ask them.. I had no clue where you were, for all I knew you weren't even in Japan.." Kyo said in a slightly quieter voice, examining the ash at the end of his stick glowing. "I wanted to.. but.. after a while I just gave up on the possibility it would ever happen.. I mean look now, I'm 25 and they still haven't told me anything regarding I even had a brother"

He thought and glanced up at Waru, "You are..25 right?" Waru shrugged then nodded, not sayign anything. Kyo nodded absently, it couldn't be denied that it was true now.

Waru clenched his fist around his smokes, hand still buried in his pocket. He knew he couldn't blame anything on Kyo, but still he just felt like he wanted to scream at him. Then again, the ones he should be screaming at should be Kyo's parents. He shook his head. His parents. He wrinkled his nose, trying to seem like non of this was bothering him.

"Why did they keep you and not me?" He asked, doing his best to make Kyo feel more awkward. Somehow he found the shyness of Kyo appealing. Kyo opened his mouth, before closing it again. "no..." Waru flashed his smirk at him. "You're the blonde, the angel, aren't you?" Waru moved closer to Kyo, fingering on one of the blonde strands of Kyo's bangs. Kyo's eyes widened a bit; Waru was so close, touching him. He held his breath until Waru finally let go, "Their baby.." he finished, blowing out more smoke.

Kyo could finally breathe again and he looked down. He didn't know what to say; It was as if the other had closed off all his thoughts from escaping each time they even developed.

But then he noticed, he hadn't even asked the others name. "Umm..So.. What's your name then?" he asked, hating he was so oddly nervous.

"Waru" he flashed a grin at the blonde, finding it cute that he actually blushed when he answered. Kyo swore he was gaining a headache, alot was happening at once he guessed that being the reason for his odd behavior. "I'm still Waru, Yes." He continued in a low voice.

Kyo looked at him. "Still?"

Waru smirked, "yes, I told you before."

"Oh..." Kyo blushed lightly.

"You're cute when you blush." Waru continued, pushing his limits with pleasure.

"Well I guess you are too, then?" Kyo answered with a rather annoyed tone in his voice.

Waru shrugged. "I never blush."

"Pft." Kyo answered, looking away.

Waru continued "Well, there's really only one time anyone can catch me blushing." He winked at Kyo who didn't seem to get the hint at first."So brother, what now?" Waru asked.

Waru was making him extemely uncomfortable, but he didn't exactly dislike it. Shrugging, he tossed his finished cigarette. "Want to go somewhere..? Catch up or something I guess?" he suggested, taking another cigarette from his own pocket to light up. Before his lighter even came in contact with the tip, Waru had beat him to it with his own and flicked the flame out. Kyo blushed and pulled back a little, but then shook it off, leaning to the flame and taking the starting hit of his cigarette, keeping his eyes down.

Waru eyed him curiously as Kyo looked down. "Well then, I take it you weren't heading anywhere else?" He asked. Kyo shook his head.

"Just out spending money." Kyo nodded his head in direction to his bag of CD's.

Waru picked them up and eyed through them. "You've got good taste, I must say." He paused and picked up the magazine. "My oh my!"

Kyo's eyes grew big as he noticed the naked Kiyoharu on the cover. "I... Um..." He tried to defend himself, "I just like his music."

Waru laughed, "So you buy a nudemag with him on the cover, do you think it'll be much about his music in this one?" He smirked towards Kyo, who now blushed deeply. Waru couldn't help but to love the fact that Kyo had bought a magazine with a naked man on the cover instead of a naked woman. Waru let him off the hook by putting the mag back in his bag. "Come on, let's go. ...fag." Waru gave off a nasty giggle.

Kyo nodded, trying to ignore what had just happened. "So umm.." he started as they both stood at the same time, "What would you like to do or go? It doesn't really matter to me so it's up to you.." he said, pulling his bag over his shoulder. A piece of hair fell into his face and he cross-eyed glared at it before trying to pull it to the appropriate side again; Fuck. Kyo was getting annnoyed with it since it had been doing it all morning and he glared at the offending strand, almost tempted to cut it off right then or something else drastic.

Waru carefully watched Kyo fight with the strand of hair, wanting to feel Kyo's hair inbetween his fingers again. He shoved his hands deep into his pockets. "We could always go to my place, it's not that far...and it would be quiet." Waru tilted his head towards a group of annoying schoolgirls walking by, those damn highpitched voices.

"Sure," Kyo said, shrugging again.

"No angel after all, are you?" Waru said with a playful voice.

Kyo looked at him, "What?" Waru snickered.

"Following a guy home right after meeting them is not an angelic thing to do, you know?" Waru playfully pushed at Kyo with his shoulder.

"Oh.. heh" Kyo laughed dryly, dipping his head down so that his annoying hair would at least serve the purpose of hiding his cheeks from view, quite embarassed by the comments that were constantly being thrown at him.

"Well then, lets get going before it's past our bedtimes, ne?" Waru said, beginign to lead the way to his place.

It really wasn't far away at all as Kyo found out; He lived all the way across the city, though it was odd that they would have never seen eachother before.

"So, this is where I live." Waru unlocked the door and walked in, Kyo slowly following him inside, looking around. Waru kicked his shoes off, his jacket and scarf quickly following.

Kyo cleared his throat, "So, you live alone?" Waru had already walked into the kitchen to dig around for something to eat.

"Yep." He eyed Kyo curiously as he began taking his jacket of.

He returned his attention to the fridge, "Jackpot! I have popsicles." He took one out, ripping the paper off of it, placing it in his mouth. "Wrant wrone?" He managed to say with the icecream in his mouth.

Kyo slowly shook his head, "I'm fine..." Waru shrugged at him and began making tea as Kyo went to sit down on Waru's couch, eyeing the posters and paintings on the wall with a curious expression on his face.

"Got some cool stuff here.." Kyo mused, eyes scanning over everything in the room, although it was quite small it was still very nice. After a few seconds, he got up and decided to join Waru in the kitchen.

"You like tea, right?" Waru asked when he heard Kyo walk in. Kyo nodded even though Waru wasn't even looking at him, and leaned back against an opposite counter to watch him tend to the tea.

Waru turned his head to Kyo, reaching behind the pot to turn up the heater. "You don't talk much, do you?"

The blonde shifted his eyes and then focused on Waru. "Well.. I guess.." Really he was just nervous, he didn't know what to say anymore though other times his friends would be near having to tape his mouth shut.

Waru silently nodded and turned to fully face Kyo, leaning against the other counter. He figured he knew Kyo's reasoning without him needing to explain himself.

They stood like that for a while, staring at eachother, quietly comparing everything on the two. Waru once again broke the silence. "Fuck, you look just like me." Waru lifted his shirt, putting his waist on display, he pushed his belt down a bit past his hipbones to show a birthmark, almost shaped like a star. "You have one of those?" He asked. Kyo shook his head.

"Nope, I only got tattoos with funny shapes, I guess." A faint smile painted his lips.

Waru let the hold of his clothes go as he tilted his head. "Really? Let me see. I got some tattoos myself. Though they are not on very public areas."

Kyo lifted an eyebrow as he opened the zipper to his sweater revealing his fullsleeves. "They're not finished yet though."

Waru walked closer, looking at them curiously. "They're hot." He moved back to pour them both some tea.

Kyo showed him the ones on his hands and pulled his hair back so that the other could see the ones on his neck. Waru stared at the skull and brought a finger up to touch it and Kyo felt a jolt go through him. Quickly situating his clothes and hair back to normal, leaning back against the counter and clearing his throat, he looked at Waru with a half smile.

He was about to ask about his tatoos, but lost the thought when he recalled what had been said about them, so instead he stared at his spikey black hair. "I like it.." he commented with a toothy grin. "My hair was like that once.. I guess we both have alot of the same tastes too."

"I guess we do. I've never been blonde though, never thought I'd look good in it." He paused, "But now that I'm watching you I can't help but to regret that I didn't try." Waru smirked, once again putting his hand in Kyo's hair, pulling it away slowly to let his hair fall back down inbetween his fingers. He could feel Kyo holding his breath as the air got thicker.

Waru turned back to fetch the cups as he moved to sit down on his sofa. Kyo sat down next to him and asked, "So how many tattoos have you got?"

Waru placed his cup at the table looking back at him. "Want to count?" He smirked, "Theyr'e a bit hidden as I said. I don't want anyone I don't like to drool over them." He paused, leaning down sloppily on his couch. "I'm more into piercings, anyway." He fingered on one of the rings currently in his lip.

"Ah.. I have quite a few on my ear now, but I used to have a few lip peircings too. Got rid of them though, didn't feel like always changing them, I guess" he said, half avoiding answering Waru's offer to see the tattoos he spoke of. He sat over on the opposite side of the couch, still feeling awkward, though a bit more comfortable with his brother.

It was a different kind of feeling that made him want to stay away, but he didn't exactly know; It wasn't like Waru smelled bad or was weird, well, not too weird at least. The multiple inuendos Waru threw at him in just the short time ago that they met came back to Kyo's mind and he shifted a bit, shoving his hands deep into the pockets of his jacket, tugging it around him a bit.

Waru set down his cup, and to much of Kyo's dismay, leaned over reaching to cup his ear. Kyo flinched but didn't move beyond that, his eye's turning to watch what he was doing though they couldn't exactly go that far back.

"Wow.. I really like them," he complimented, running his finger over the shell of Kyo's ear with a soft touch, hand migrating to his hair again before sitting back to the other side and picking up his tea. "I really love your hair too, It's so soft.. You are too.." he added the last words with a smirk before taking another sip of his tea as if it were nothing more than a mear everyday compliment.

Kyo felt his face pale and his cheeks redden; he wondered if he could become pale enough to dissapear right from Waru's sight, and he wished it were possible even more now, finding his brother, his twin, extremely seductive in his own, unkyolike way.

Waru couldn't help but to feel the need to touch his brother's skin, and once he'd done it, hell, he just wanted more. He figured Kyo already seemed to be scared enough, for the moment atleast. Waru couldn't help but to let his thoughts wander away though, he could see more of that pale skin underneath his fingers. More of that soft voice breathing out his name. More of...


Waru snapped back from his thoughts, shooting glares at Kyo for interrupting his fantasies, his eyes softened a bit from seeing who exactly has spoken his name. "What?"

"Did you hear what I said?" Kyo looked at him.

"No." Waru answered plain. "But I was thinking of you, does that counts as almost listening?"

Kyo stared, unable to manage a reply as his mind completely shut off; The look in Waru's eyes was so deep and filled with... He didn't want to think about it, it was so embarassing just to think it was a posibility.

Worst was, he could tell Waru was gay and so was he. How could these coincidinces lead to all these thoughts about his own blood.. It didn't make much sense to Kyo, and it kind of scared him.

"Umm.. I guess... But um, I asked what you wanted to do but you're zoning out, so I guess you're tired.." he said, embarassed and trying to justify to himself why Waru went into such a state a moment ago. "Do you want me to go or..?" he was confused; he didn't want to leave, but he was nervous as hell to stay.

"No, I don't want you to go." Waru answered, "I want you to stay with me all evening." He took a sip of his tea, almost emptying the cup. "All night too. I want to know how your life has been...and stuff. I have a hard time sleeping anyway."

Kyo opened his mouth, clenching his hand around his cup. "Oh."

Waru continued, "So... You in love with someone?"

"What has that got to do with my life being good or not?"

Waru smiled, "Quite alot actually." Kyo looked away, not wanting to answer that. "So I guess that's a no then." Waru silenced and watched his blonde twin stare out into space, "Come on, tell me your lifestory." Waru leaned forward, leaning onto his elbow casually at the same time as he fingered on his own black hair.

Kyo tried to smile but couldnt, what did he have to say really? Leaning back into the corner of the couch, he stared at his cup trying to avoid Waru's eyes. "Well.. I guess my life's pretty normal, ya know..." He thumbed around the rim quietly before continueing, eyes comming up to meet Waru's who were staring straight at him briefly, before looking down again.

"My-...Our parents kinda gave up on me, I mean, we're still on good terms but.. Heh, I never exactly did what pleased them.." He motioned toward his bag "And things like that being found...weren't exactly to their liking either..." He had a bit of a blush talking about personal stuff with some guy he'd just met, brother or not.

But he was his brother really, so he didn't feel the need to hold it back; actually, there was just something about Waru that made him feel easier. The blonde was also starting to feel a bit more relaxed, he figured it was since he'd be staying anyway he should try to loosen up at least a little bit.. but there was still something bothering him.

Waru watched as Kyo's shoulders finally seemed to relax and drop a bit. "So I take it you're into guys?" Waru asked, fingering on one of the silverrings on his fingers.

Kyo nodded slowly. "How about you?" He asked.

Waru sighed, "Boys, girls, animals, I don't care what I fuck as long as it feels good." Kyo's eyes grew wide, Waru laughed, "Please don't take the animal part seriously," Kyo seemed to relax a bit. "Mostly guys though. Girls are too demanding, in a way. If I take one home one night she expects me to call her, and when I don't I get slapped."

Kyo laughed nervously at Waru talking so openmindly about these kind of things. "So, you're not a fan of relationships?" He asked.

Waru shook his head. "I think it's more the fact that relationships don't like me." Waru looked down on his hands before looking back up, "By the way, where are our parents now? Anywhere close?"

Kyo looked at him. "You're planning on finding them?"

Waru shook his head, "No. Just to send a professional killer after 'em." Kyo choked on his tea as Waru laughed. "Stop taking me seriously, dammit," he paused, "I'd just like to take a look at them... Nothing else."

"Umm.. They're in Kyoto.. Where we're from," Kyo answered, biting at the inside of his bottom lip. He wondered how they'd react if Waru showed up right infront of them with him. Scratching at the back of his neck, he sighed, "Ya know... Maybe sometime soon I should take you to meet them" the blonde suggested.

Waru looked at his rings, "I guess that'd be fine then, see how they take to their dear son." He was still kind of bitter toward the fact that they'd sent him away, but he couldn't snap at Kyo for that; it was them who did it anyways.

Kyo nodded, glancing out the window. It was only just begining to get dark, they'd only met up in the middle of the afternoon. Looking back at Waru he smiled, "Hey, you hungry?" he asked, "I kinda am.."

Waru decided to not think about his parents right now, and just try to get to know Kyo some more. "Yeah, I am. You wanna go outside to have something? I really don't have much." He gave of a toothy grin as Kyo nodded.

"Sounds good to me."

Waru rose, "Well then, my treat." He let his hand out and Kyo took it.

Waru didn't step back as Kyo got to his feet so they ended up with their faces really close. Waru watched Kyo closely as Kyo's lips opened to let out a small gasp. Waru eyed those lips as he licked his own. His eyes went back to look into Kyo's eyes, they looked frightened, yet curious in a way. Quickly, he turned around to walk out the hall, putting his jacket and shoes back on.

They exited the building as Waru took the lead to his favorite place, Mount Fuji, where they sat down in the dark resturant, looking through their menues.

The blonde looked around the small resuraunt after the waiter left, "I've never been here before," he said before poking down at the menu. "I'm gonna get that," he decided, looking over at Waru who had sat beside him in the booth they were in, so he was against the wall.

Waru eyed Kyo's choice, "Yeah, I think I'll have the same." Waru put a finger in the air and in no time the waiter was there to serve them. Waru ordered both of their meals as he turned to his side to face Kyo, who happened to sit rather close to him. He eyed the neck of Kyo again as he noticed the other tattoo. "Damned," He whispered as Kyo looked back at him, he looked puzzled for a while, probably trying to figure out what he meant by that, before he understood it was the tattoo Waru had laid his eyes on. Waru casually fingered on it, "This one's new, isn't it?" He pulled his finger along the ink seeping out of the piece of art, moving in closer. Kyo could feel Waru's warm breath on his neck, causing goosebumps to appear on his skin. "I can almost taste the ink."

Kyo nodded nervously, "Um.. yeah, it was made five days ago."

Waru moved away somewhat, "It must be painful on the neck," Waru said in a low voice.

Kyo laughed blandly. "Pain... is a point of view," he said, bringing his own hand to touch the art. The feel of the other's fingers was still heavy on his skin and he felt dirty for wanting to feel, to taste more of it. They'd only known eachother as brothers for a few hours and already he wanted to beg his sibling to touch him again; really, he himself couldn't decide what made it worse. Maybe it was a build of of curiousity and longing for his brother he'd never known. He hoped that was it, and this would just pass smoothly.

Waru nodded to Kyo's statement, not saying anything more about it. The attraction he felt towards his brother couldn't be denied as anything other than lust, a bloodbound desire. He smirked at pretty much knowing what was going on underneath those clothes if they were as similar as they were otherwise. But still, his curiousity about the other made him think red.

Or maybe more black, black satin. Waru smirked. He leaned onto his elbows, studying Kyo's face and neck, that pale skin of his. He leaned back, watching as the waiter brought in their food. He watched Kyo brighten up as the food was being placed in front of him, and he snickered to himself as he picked up his chopsticks.

Kyo broke his chopsticks with a happy grin, he was fuckin hungry, yup. They ate their meal in relative silence, mainly because Kyo couldn't exactly think under the constant gaze of Waru. Kyo finished his quickly and the waiter came back to give them their bill, but before he could, Waru stopped him.

The blonde stared at him questioningly as Waru ordered them some dessert, his brother turned to him with a slight grin. "What? Did you not want any?" he asked in a tone Kyo couldn't quite pinpoint.

He shook his head, "No.. No it's fine. You just really don't have to pay for this ya know?" Kyo justified, again scratching at the back of his neck as a nervous act.

"Kyo, I want to. Money's not a problem for me, you see." Kyo nodded to this statement and the following discussion about the russian on Kyo's fingers was interrupted as their dessert came. Waru's eyes shined, seeing what was placed in front of him.

Kyo laughed, "You like icecream, don't you?"

Waru looked at him, slowly sucking on his spoon, making orgasmic loud noises to the taste, mainly to embarrass Kyo. Kyo's cheeks turned red as he shook his head at Waru's act. "Shut up." Kyo picked up his spoon, trying his own icecream with the hot fruitsauce on top, burning his tongue on it. "FUCK!" He spat the icecream back out. "It buuurns" He whined as he looked to see Waru trying to hide the huge laughter wanting to come out.

"Poor baby," he leaned in closer, watching the icecream around Kyo's mouth. Suddenly, he grabbed Kyo's neck with his right hand as he pushed Kyo's mouth to his own, licking the icecream away, listening to the gasp exiting Kyo's mouth. Slowly he pulled away, blowing cold air on his lips. Waru looked at him with an intense stare. "I love icecream..." He finally let him go, returning to his own dessert with a slight smirk on his face.

When Kyo finally found his ability to breathe again, he thought he'd pass out; his heart was beating so fast, he was sure even Waru could feel it against him. "I..I think I need to use the restroom..." he said, a hinted request for Waru to let him out of the booth comming through his words. His body was shaking with what he wanted being the same as what he was afraid of.

"Fine," Waru moved his legs to let Kyo out. He watched the blonde stumble into the men's restroom. He leaned back, absentmindly fingering on his rings while he thought about the whole day. The fact that he had a twin seemed so far away. It's more like he met someone he just wanted to have to himself, and not let anyone else rest so much as a finger on him.

He felt how tired he begun to get, but he still didn't want the day to end. He figured he'd ask Kyo home to see a movie with him. After all, the blonde didn't seem to be wanting to run home; yet he wouldn't let him, anyway. His eyes wandered back to the men's room. All he could think about was to push Kyo up against the wall and have him all to himself right on the spot. "Not yet Waru... Not yet." He said to himself...

In the bathroom, Kyo leaned against the counter staring into the mirror at himself. His cheeks were red as ever and he could feel the heat rising from himself. Groaning, he rested his head forward against the reflective glass; he was slightly hard, and that definately wasn't good.

Standing back up, he turned on the water and leaned to the sink, splashing the cold water to his face and pushing his hair back with a sigh. Whoever said cold water worked was a liar, but it was good enough instinct to just douse yourself for being so easily turned on he guessed.

Glad that he had large pants on, he shoved his hands into his pockets hoping that it would go away with time and walked out of the restroom finding their booth again, but instead sitting on the other side of the table. He crookedly smiled at Waru, "Ready to go?"

Waru looked at him and raised an eyebrow with a smirk that made Kyo almsot blush again before answering him, "Sure, how about we pick up some movies before we head back to my place...That is, you are staying, right?"

Kyo took a moment to think before hesitantly nodding, "Yeah.. I'd like that," he said and they both got up. It was a bit of an awkward answer, Waru felt, but he didn't mention anything. Instead he just gave the other a smile as they headed out to a movie store.
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